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The Revolution Is Here

Arnold Schwarzenegger launches “Come With Me If You Want To Lift” on Represent

He’s been a body builder, the governor of California, and is now a crusader for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The former Mr Olympia has launched his first campaign on Represent titled, Come With Me If You Want To Lift to benefit Arnold’s philanthropic organization After School All-Stars

Join Arnold Schwarzenegger and Join the Revolution

The campaign, while philanthropic, is also a reminder that in life there are, “no half reps,” as Arnold is fond of saying.

The revolution was publicized on Facebook Live with Mr Schwarzenegger taking questions about everything from his personal bests as a body builder to how to train properly and eat for the body you want because, “ if (you) are mentally ready than you are ready.”

To date, Schwarzenegger has sold over 82,000 shirts, gym bags, snap back hats, sweatshirts and tank tops all for the sake of getting fit. Missed the sale of this campaign? We've got it on good authority that there is much more to come in the world of Schwarzenegger and Represent so stay tuned.