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Election 2016 : Looking Back With Nostalgia

While most of us are looking forward to this election season finally coming to a close, we also look back with a bit of nostalgia for the good times we've had .... good times with some kick-ass election themed campaigns that is.

We asked a few of our colleagues to tell us about their favorite campaigns on Represent just before the first votes come rolling in.

Fat Mac - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Dave - " One of my favorite episode's of Always Sunny and of my favorite character Mac. The simplistic design matches the simpleton nature of the character as Mac is dumb enough to think he could actually run for President and win."

Stewie Griffin - Family Guy

Adam - "Stewie Griffin is sly and cunning, much like the politicians of today. Is he the right choice for president with his personality and antics? Probably not, but imagining a baby vying for world domination brings a smile to my face."

Cookie & Luci - Empire

Omari - "This design embodies both strength and power! Empire reminds us that you can never win when you play dirty."

Mean Girls

Adrienne - "Mean Girls is one of my long time favorite movies. I also like the variety of styles and colors available for this design."

Jay & Silent Bob

Dillon - "Love the movie and really like the design of this particular shirt. I like that both Jay and SB are featured side by side almost as if they are running mates. Additionally I like the colors of the shirt and the cool graphic on the sleeve as well."