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Family Guy's Peter & Stewie Griffin Join the Race for the White House

Fans of Family Guy rejoice, you can now show your support for the ultimate long shot candidates - Peter and Stewie Griffin - this November 8 with a limited edition t-shirt!

Vote Peter Griffin for President

Make the right choice, Vote Peter Griffin this November

This hard-working American, father of three, devoted husband and friendly neighbour loves living in small town Rhode Island.

Vote Peter Griffin this November and give power back to hard-working Americans who are ready to bring smart ideas - or pictures - to the table, “because some words [and ideas] are big and hard to understand.”

Make World Domination a Reality- Vote Stewie Griffin for President

Vote for World Domination, Vote Stewie Griffin this November

Is world domination more your thing? Do you have delusions of grandeur for yourself and America at large? Help elect Stewie Griffin, the lovable, if slightly off-kilter child of Peter and Lois this November.

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