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Hanging onto Summer Just a Little Longer

Carlos and Alexa Penavega create Lasting Summer Stories with Charity Campaign

Carlos and Alexa Penavega may soon be parents but that hasn’t stopped them from giving to children who are less fortunate. In May 2016 the pair launched their first campaign “Conqueror” on Represent with 100% of the proceeds raised benefitting The Susquehannock Camps.

A summer camp may seem like an unlikely choice for two well-known Hollywood actors, but this bastion of childhood holds a special place in the young Carlos’ heart. “Camp Susquehannock was one of the greatest experiences of my childhood,” and with phrases like that we just had to know more about this camp! So, using the internet and putting hands to keys we typed out an email to the Marketing Director of The Susquehannock Camps, Joshua Oryhon, to find out a bit more about this storied institution.

Represent: Camp Susquehannock is one of the oldest camps in the US, what do you hope to teach young children during their summer camp experience?

Susquehannock Camp: The Susquehannock Camps have encouraged the moral, social, and physical development of young campers since 1905. Through a combination of athletics, adventure activities, family-style dining, and cabin life, campers create life-long friendships and discover their own potential. Campers embrace tolerance and respect for others, learn how to deal gracefully with conflict, and develop a sense of fair play. Susquehannock’s experienced staff runs a program designed to engender self-reliance, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and leadership.

Represent: How many of your campers receive scholarships to Camp Susquehannock and are the potential campers just from Pennsylvania, from all over the US or the world?

Susquehannock Camp: About 5 to 10% of our population receives financial assistance during a given summer. This summer we welcomed campers from 17 states and 5 countries (Spain, Mexico, Israel, Qatar, India).

Represent: Carlos Penavega and his wife Alexa recently ran a campaign on Represent raising money to send inner city children to Camp Susquehannock; can you tell me a bit more about how successful the fund raiser was?

Susquehannock Camp: The funds raised by the Penavega’s are equivalent to the tuition for one of our two 3.5 week sessions. The Alumni Challenge fundraiser was an amazing success overall as we surpassed our $25,000 goal.

Represent: Carlos Penavega has called his time at camp, "one of the greatest experiences of his life", does he come back often to help at Camp Susquehannock?

Susquehannock Camp: Carlos and Alexa have visited us twice in the last four years. The Penavega’s have been very vocal on social media about their love for Susquehannock and we hope to have them back at Camp in 2017.

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