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Jared Padalecki Gets Personal for 'I Am Enough' Campaign

Jared and Jensen in the "I Am Enough" campaign
Photo Credit: Jared Padalecki Facebook Page

Battling anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming on good days, but when you add in the social stigma surrounding the diseases it can feel downright unmanageable.

Jared Padalecki, who has launched two very successful shirt campaigns on Represent, has openly struggled with anxiety and depression and is an advocate of mental health awareness. The actor launched his third campaign – I Am Enough – via Facebook Live saying, “[This] is my most meaningful campaign because those of us who sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression often feel that we are not enough,” continuing, “I’ve been telling myself to really try and deal with everything and accept love and to help me keep fighting and help me love myself.”

Charity is the main driving factor behind the I Am Enough campaign with $1.00 from every shirt sold benefitting the Florida Equality Victims Fund. During his Facebook Live talk Padalecki said, "we’re going to try and help how we can [in Orlando] and try and get some funds out to those families of the victims and the victims themselves to help with the pain that they must be going through.”

The I Am Enough campaign is only available for a limited time on Represent.

Friends know you are enough just the way you are.
Photo Credit: Jared Padalecki Facebook Page