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Learning to Love Yourself First

Jared Padalecki's Newest AKF Mantra

If there is one thing many of us overlook it's ourselves. With constant comparisons to others - whether it's on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat - the need to one-up the next person can play havoc on our self-confidence.

Nowhere is this pressure worse than in Hollywood.

As a reminder to all of those facing pressure Jared Padalecki launched his 1 year anniversary campaign of the AKF series called "Love Yourself First."

"Loving yourself is vital in the fight against mental health problems, so I want to encourage y'all to focus on loving yourselves first... each and every one of you is worthy," says Padalekci.

Join Jared and show your support for others suffering from mental health issues with this one year anniversary AKF campaign.

Jared Padalecki sporting his Love Yourself First hoodie