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Mike Tyson: Promoting his Lisp one missed “s” at a time

Mike Tyson Launches Limited Edition Campaign Embracing His Iconic Lisp

He’s been called “Iron" Mike and the “Baddest Man on the Planet”, but on a warm summer day in Marina del Rey, California Mike Tyson was nothing other than jovial. You see, the now retired boxing champion was promoting his first campaign on Represent, Thuns Out, Guns Out; a self-deprecating stance of his famous lisp in the form of apparel.

“The gun show’s in town baby. I’m beautiful baby. I’m the superstar,” Tyson said while flexing and cruising around the marina showing off his black cotton tank.

No longer afraid of the bullies who tormented him because of his lisp, the 50-year-old boxer is all too happy to show anyone suffering from the same impediment that they needn’t be ashamed, “I’m flexin with the guns out. Thuns out, guns out, yip and shout,” he proclaimed to the camera, smiles abound.

Love the tongue and cheek approach of Mr Tyson; grab his limited edition campaign, Thuns Out, Guns Out here before it’s gone.