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Paul Walker's Reach Out WorldWide Holds 2nd Annual Gaming Charity Event

Game4Paul to raise money for ROWW through 6 hour gaming marathon

Saturday, September 17 the six hour gaming marathon, Game4Paul, promises to be a packed day of celebrity guests, games, stunts, comedy, personal stories, signed prize giveaways, live art, music, and much more, all for the benefit of Reach Out Worldwide, the charity founded by the late Paul Walker.

A few days ago we caught up with Cody Walker and John Brotherton, ambassadors of the event, at the K1 Speed track in Torrance, California to chat about wedgie machines and what the public can expect from this year's Game4Paul.

Brotherton and Walker at the K1 Speed Track in Torrance, California
Photo Credit: Represent

Represent: Why choose a gaming fund raiser? What is it about gaming that appealed to you and ROWW versus a charity run or celebrity golf tournament?

Cody Walker: “So basically Paul was known for a lot of things; he loved the ocean, he loved adrenaline, but he also liked to game… like a lot of people do these days. You know he played (games on) Xbox, PlayStation, PC and we just thought what a cool way to raise money for the charity that he started by playing games with people that he knew and loved and it seemed just like a natural and fun thing.”

Represent: What’s the craziest game planned for the 2nd Annual Game4Paul tournament?

Cody Walker : "Well, I don’t know,"

John Brotherton: “Well, there’s a giant wedgie machine, I am sure that’s going to get interesting."

Represent: OK, we are intrigued, tell us about that?

John Brotherton: "Well, I’ve only seen the picture and it doesn’t look pleasant."

Represent: Is that for the loser of a game?

John Brotherton: "Yea, I don’t know…"

Cody Walker: "Well, we’re going to have a wheel so basically if you lose you spin a wheel and the wheel dictates your fate."

Represent: Besides the wedgie machine, are there any other types of punishment for the losers of these games?

Cody Walker: "We’ve got quite a lot of interesting stunts going on … there’s probably going to be some stuff involving mouse traps, tennis ball cannons…”

At this point both Brotherton and Walker break into a conversation about how much their gaming charity resembles that of American Gladiator, running the gauntlet and basically testing the strength and endurance for all involved – good luck fellow celebs....

Cody Walker: “We’ve [also] got a third person camera, which is pretty cool. Essentially the person is wearing goggles, like virtual reality-style goggles and a camera is attached to their back. All they see through the goggles is them in third person. They see their body and their backside and they have to navigate through a maze or an obstacle; that will be fun!

The Game4Paul Charity event will be streamed live on Facebook Live , Twitch TV and Game4Paul on Saturday, September 17, 2017.

Limited Edition t-shirts for the event can be purchased through Represent.